The greatest and most intriguing characteristic of Milos for the conscious visitor is its volcanic nature and geological wealth, which this carefully designed tour allows to explore.

Based on the Milo-terranean Geo Walks, an extensive geological path
network of the Milos Mining Museum that reveals the terrain of Milos
and the geological history behind it in 7 routes.

This tour includes stops in:

• Milos Mining Museum, for a short, guided tour at the Milos Mining Museum and the Obsidian Collection. (Stop is made provided that the Museum is open at the time of the booked tour;
• Salt fields, where our experienced escort will take you through the history of the salt fields and the significance of the port of Kanava.• Crater of Fyriplaka, and, as we pass through the steep entrance of the crater and continue down a slippery road that leads to a clearing right in the center of the crater, where the century-old cedar trees abide. -Kalamos (volcano ending), to admire the fumaroles and visit the observation standpoint of Ag. Kyriaki beach.
• Sulphur Mines, the phantom city of Milos, where the actual mines were open, and the miners had created an entire, almost completely independent community
• Aggeria mine (largest active bentonite mine in Europe)
• Modern Mineral processing factor

Tour Duration: 5 hours