Heraklion, Crete - View on map

Start from Eleftherias Square where unce upon a time the Gate of Agios Georgios existed one of the three main entrance gates, After visiting the arcade, move towards Vitouri Gate, walking in the narrow lanes of the old city.

Once on the top you can see the wall majestically standing over the citywith views of the city and the sea. From Vitouri Gate take the uphill road that leads to Kenourgiaporta “New Gate” where also at that area there are many retail and coffee shops. In the area underneath lies the open theatres of N. Kazantzakis and M.Hatzidakis where a lot of concerts and evetns take place during the summer.

Amazing views of the mountains which most of the time in the winter are covered with snow . Then we continue to the Kazantzakis Tomb. Kazantzakis is one of the most famous Greek writers who wrote among other treasurous books: “Zorbas the Greek” which became a legendary story well known all over the world, out of which also a traditional Greek dance takes its name. Going down to the bastion, continue to the recently renovated Makasi Arcade.

It now houses a monument to the victims of WWII and features historical photos from the Battle of Crete.Then further down is the Gate of KommenoBenteni coming to another exit to and from the Venetian walls that leads to the open cinema of the Gate of Bethlehem.

The historical route ends about here. However, we suggest you continue your route on the walls until you reach the end and enjoy the sea view or you can explore the old districts of Lakkos and Agia Triada