This tour starts at the Kouros of Melanes on the outskirts of the village. It is an impressive 600 BC Kouros statue abandoned in the ancient marble quarry. 

Continue to the biggest modern marble quarry, where the special crystalline marble is still excavated. Driving along vineyards enjoy the mountain view heading to our next photo stop at Stavros Keramotis. 

There we can admire the 360° view of both the West and East coasts at the same spot. Next, we visit Apiranthos, famous for the marble cobbled alleys which are the best way to explore this traditional village on foot. Then we drive up Zas mountain passing from Filoti and stop for (optional) lunch at Halki, the classy village and previous capital of Naxos. 

Here, in the heart of Tragea Valley, you can walk through the olive groves and visit the beautiful Byzantine church of Saint George Diassoritis dating back to the 11th century. At Damalas village we watch an art demonstration at the traditional pottery workshop and maybe buy some nice ceramics. We continue all the way to the remote and tranquil beach of Agiassos, a hidden paradise where you can swim, get a coffee, or a dessert.