A boat trip to Shipwreckbeach in Zante

Take a boat trip to Shipwreck beach in Zante (Navagio) and discover what makes it the most famous beach in Zakynthos

A boat trip to Shipwreckbeach in Zante

When the MV Panagiotis ran aground on a sandy cove in northwest Zakynthos in 1980, no one could have predicted that one of Europe’s most iconic beaches would be born. It’s not just the much-photographed shipwreck at its centre, but the imposing cliffs rising far above and the electric-blue waters surrounding it. And to cap the sense of mystery, it’s a beach accessible only by sea.

A boat trip to the Navagio beach (as it’s known in Greek) is a rite of passage when visiting Zakynthos. You’ll have seen it on Instagram and on the front cover of magazines, but the real spectacle comes when you round the bay and catch a first glimpse of this magical cove.

The water here often radiates impossible shades of blue, from the mineral deposits in the caves around the beach. You’ll have the chance to stay on the beach and swim. But the real swimming treat comes from the stops made by the boat on the way there or back. Just don’t forget your camera.

Although undoubtedly the star of the show, the beached ship is just one of a cast of protagonists on Zante’s Shipwreck beach.

Have a swim even before you arrive

Be sure to be wearing your swimwear and have a pair of goggles for those beautiful little coves you stop at along the way to Shipwreck beach. Some boats even have a glass bottom, so you can enjoy the clarity of the water and the sea life.

Visit the Blue Caves

Choose a tour that includes a visit to the Zante’s Blue Caves. Depending on the tour you’ve booked, your boat could travel into the caves, where you’ll be treated to a light show by the dazzling Ionian Sea.

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