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Inspired by the island itself, the unique geology and the caves formed by the natural rocks providing a stressed body of seclusion, milos cove is the manmade version of a shelter, a fully integrated structure both for the body and soul.

Architecturally structured in layers just like the soul’s multilayered nature, milos cove creates a parallel between soul and building, between a shelter and a psyche that needs to relax and rejuvenate itself.

This inception resort is the perfect realm for new beginnings, resolutions, and decisions and why not put your dreams as plans ahead of you.

Room types
Plunge Pool

1-2 persons


In this unique environment, the visitor has the opportunity to enjoy the comforts of a modern resort, but at the same time, to accept the triggers that will lead them on a self-discovery trip and see themselves mirrored on the …. waves of the Aegean Sea. This magnificent suite is inspired by the landscape itself. It reflects a mysterious character and is featuring a stylish small built-in swimming pool located on the outdoor terrace with beautiful views of the Aegean Sea.


Private Pool

1-3 persons


The neutral colors, the upscale amenities and minimal design emanate a feeling of bliss and calmness offering a private hideaway for relaxation and peace of mind. These luxury lofts in Milos, Greece also feature a private pool for long swims and a spacious fully furnished veranda for sunbathing against the spellbinding backdrop of the shimmering sea.


1-3 persons


The minimal design, the high-tech amenities and earthly color décor define the upscale atmosphere of the Sea View Honeymoon Suites resembling a refined cocoon that envelopes the senses. The senses are heightened by the golden rays of the sun flirting with the private pool and terrace inviting guests to enjoy a swim on a sweet summer day or bask in the sun in view of the emerald horizon.

More Room Types
  • Suite with Hot Tub 27m2
  • Deluxe Suite with Plunge Pool 27m2
  • Premier Villa with Private Pool 85m2
  • Two Bedroom Villa with Private Pool & Sea View 70m2
  • Luxury
  • Exceptional location
  • Milos Town 18km
  • Milos Port 11km
  • Milos Airport 9.2km
  • Agali Beach 700m 


233.00 / night