Oia, Santorini

Embracing Santorini’s soul, Domes Novos Santorini resort is sculpted from its volcanic legacy. Walls and spaces, infused with the island’s geological poetry, reflect the interplay of light and earth as the sun’s path manifests in a breathing architectural being. Find balance and sophistication in nature, wrapped in the mystique of Cycladic artistry and the timeless beauty of the island.

Room Types
with Zen Pool

1-2 persons

31-34 m²

Envision a serene sanctuary where minimalism meets elegance. Murals of the Cycladic ethos adorn the walls, while outside, an individual Zen Pool mirrors the calm of the Aegean Sea. Modern luxuries merge with volcanic stone accents, crafting an ambiance that heightens the senses, inviting a tranquil gaze over the sea’s vast canvas.
Tranquil sea views, perfect for 2 guests. Offers a minibar, walk-in shower, king bed, terrace with an individual pool, sitting area, and spacious bathroom, providing a harmonious blend of luxury and minimalism.

with Zen Pool

1-3 persons

36-40 m²

A sanctuary of calm, designed to envelop you inwards, in the warmth and serenity of Cycladic minimalism. The Zen Pool, a tranquil water feature that invites reflective stillness and refreshing swims. Enjoy sophisticated interiors, tactile materials, and the gentle play of light and shadow, all centered around your well-being.
A peaceful retreat for up to 3 guests, with a resort view. With sophisticated amenities such as a minibar, walk-in shower, king bed, terrace with an individual pool, sitting area, and spacious bathroom, it ensures a luxurious experience.

with Blissful Pool

1-5 persons

93 m²

Embracing the minimalist grace of Cycladic architecture, up to five guests can unravel the villa’s mysteries, each corner a dialogue between shadow and light, form and void. The blissful pool mirrors the sky merging with the sea in the horizon, while the furnished terrace is a theatre for the dance of the Aegean breeze. Haute Living amenities tell tales of indulgence. Here, luxury is not loud but whispered, seducing with simplicity and an air of enigma.
The pinnacle of luxury for up to 5 guests, featuring a stunning sea view. In addition to standard room amenities and HLS amenities, it includes a fully-equipped kitchen, dining area, living room, and two bedrooms with en suite bathrooms.

More Room Types
  • Echoes Retreat with Zen Pool 30-35 m2
  • Echoes Bungalow with Zen Pool 33-36 m2
  • Senses Bungalow Sea View with Zen Pool 35-38 m2
  • Anesis Bungalow with Zen Pool 40-47 m2
  • Luxury
  • Sea View
  • Santorini Airport: 15.3km
  • Santorini Town: 11.2km
  • Santorini Port: 22.1km
  • Katharos Beach: 2.7km
  • Baxedes Beach: 3.1km


240.00 / night