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Satisfy your appetite and indulge in the best traditional Greek food with a food tour that offers 12 or more samples of delicious dishes.

Choose between a sweet-filled morning tour or a savory afternoon tour, depending on your preference. Bite into a crunchy, cream-filled filo, and indulge in a layered pie called bougatsa.

Fork into perfectly fried doughnut balls drenched in honey called loukoumades, and taste the savory flavors of gyros, feta cheese, Greek olives, and sip Greek spirits in the afternoon.

Learn about the Mediterranean diet and how it contributes to a healthy lifestyle, while you enjoy the rich and diverse flavors of Greek cuisine.

On the morning tour, visit Athens Central Market, where you’ll have the opportunity to witness the vibrant and bustling atmosphere of one of the largest food markets in the world.

Vegetarian-friendly options are available, so everyone can enjoy this unique culinary experience.


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Morning 9:30 am & Afternoon 16:30 pm